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According to my horoscope, I exhibit traits commonly seen in most of the human population that most of the population believes is exclusive to only them.

Reblog if you are one of Michael Fassbender’s teeth.

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~ Emma Watson @ MTV Movie Awards after party 2011

~ Emma Watson @ MTV Movie Awards after party 2011

(that’s what the photo’s caption was! I don’t even remember you being afraid of butter icing. =)))

Dear Iya,

You are now legal and old like the rest of us. You are a bona fide ~hipster~, and you’ve grown out of so many things. :)) I will never live down some of your past eccentricities and shameful occurrences. =)) LOLJK.


My heart still aches

For the one I long

Long and slender

Stings like a bitch

Squshy squish