Baby Steps

So here are some things I thought I would and could never do: Hike up a mountain with a bag about a third of my weight, camp overnight and make conversation with strangers, and pee behind a bush and in front of a horse!

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to take such small adventures like these, and I can’t believe it all happened in 48 hours. Some people would definitely not call my experience as an adventurous or exceptional one, but that’s just how boring my life is, I guess.

Thinking about the negatives before and during the trip is usually what pulls me back. “It’s going to be such a hard climb up,” “How am I supposed to be with so many strangers for so long?” “How am I supposed to do my… business” were my initial and persisting thoughts — even while I was hiking up, I was thinking “Oh god, what am I doing, what did I get myself into… maybe I can just make my way down again,” but I didn’t, because everyone was so supportive and motivating, and the promise of a wonderful breeze and a beautiful view just kept me going.

"I can do this, it’s going to be all worth it" are words I kept repeating to myself, even when my legs were aching and my lungs were giving up. The end was 100% worth it. Out of breath and covered in sweat, the air of Mt Gulugod Baboy welcomed me with open arms. We set up our tents and made our way to the summit, and what a view it was. 360 degrees of clear skies. No cement structures at all in the way. Just clouds and the beautiful sunset. Every ache was worth it.

This trip has inspired me to overcome all my difficulties with determination. As long as I know that at the end of all my suffering, there will always be a wonderful end to it all.

I can do this, it’s going to be all worth it.

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