Sometimes all you have to do is ask!

This post is going to sound very materialistic but please I am very emotionally sensitive these days. See you soon, redness.

I’ve been eyeing this bag for so long omg (I’m kind of ridiculous when it comes to covetousness). I kept forgetting to bring extra money for the past couple of weeks, so when I visited Promod last week, there were only 2 left!!! I kinda freaked out so I finally brought some extra money (because I also needed to get my sister a gift for her birthday — which is TODAY!!) and visited the store again today. I checked the bag rack and NOOO IT WAS GOOOONE!! :( I left to get my sister’s gift and upon passing Promod on the way back, I figured, no harm in asking, right? So I went up to a familiar saleslady and asked about yung bag na brown and maliit na may zipper na pa-ganon at may mahabang ano sa zipper *vague hand gestures*. Maybe they saleslady was used to fail conyo Tagalog, because she understood and told me to wait while she checked their stock! EEEP! I waited a while and she came out with the bag and it was the last oooone!!!! So I bought it, of course, leaving my wallet almost empty. Sigh. But at least I have it! YAY

On a side note, the saleslady actually recognized me from the other week! She said she remembers me from before. :)) I think she was the one I asked about how many they had left in stock!

  1. sleepylikeasloth said: It’s a really cute bag, bb girl! I guess going through all that was worth it :))
  2. thatdoesntexistanymore said: tawang tawa ako =))
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